July 12, at Bayfront Park in Miami, Red Bull will be hosting their first of many 2010 Flugtag competitions. More than 30 teams have been chosen throughout the southeast to come and test their flying creations. Each team will send their mobile masterpiece careening  

Red Bull Flugtag


off a 30-foot-high flight deck with the hopes that they will catch wind and sail through the air, avoiding a plunge into the waters below of Biscayne Bay. Previous aircraft creations include prehistoric pterodactyles, Winnebagos with wings, and even flying tacos. Each team will be judged on their flight distance, showmanship, and creativity of their aero-mobile.  

This will be the first competition in the US since 2008, so Red Bull is sure to set this off right!! Entry to the event is free, so make sure you don’t miss out.  

If you would like to attend, please click the link for all the event details: http://www.redbullflugtagusa.com/Miami2010.prma