Global recession you say? Not quite. Not for this guy, this Mercedes Benz V10, quad turbo, has 1,600 horsepower and a rocket speed off 0-100km/h in less than two seconds flat. The amazing part? The car runs completely on biofuel, the really amazing part, its made entirely out of white gold!!! Who would build such a car you ask? Why an Abu Dhabi oil billionaire of course.

So Next time you’re at the gas pump swiping your debit card, just remember these pictures. Then you’ll have to face the bitter reality that your money is going to buy some douche bag a golden car. Not only that, with America’s ignorance toward climate change and green industry, we are likely to be buying golden cars for foreigners forever. I’m sure the oil billionaire that built this multi-million dollar, golden, bio-fueled, Benz didn’t do it without a reason. Maybe it’s time America took a little page from the playbook and got behind a little green energy research herself. After-all being in control of the world’s fuel is never a bad thing; you think we would have learned that the first time.