“Forrest Gump”, a hit movie that won Oscars in 1994 and was based on a book of the same name, was a super success and everybody loved it. The movie earned almost $700 million dollars.  A number like that in the 90’s would almost always guarantee a sequel so that people could profit on the success and make more money. The book version of the story even had a follow up book called “Gump & Co” which was already written and ready to adapt. So why didn’t they make a number two if everything seemed right with number one to justify it?

Looper reports that it had to do with the Author’s feud with Paramount. The author was furious with Paramount because of the deal they made where Paramount didn’t have to pay him any profits until they recouped all of their costs. This led to Paramount doing some funky financial stuff where they were able to claim that they were still millions of dollars in the hole and couldn’t pay him.