One week remains until the beginning of the largest beer festival in the world. Oktoberfest! Held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, this festival is the party of the year. This year, the festivities begin on September 21st and end on October 6th. Join the happiest and sometimes angriest people on Earth for weeks of entertainment, contests and of course, beer drinking!


So… We Just Drink a Ton?


Most people who are foreign of German culture don’t realize that the origins of the festival didn’t begin with just beer. There wasn’t a group of men who just took sixteen days off to drink and named it a world wide festival. The original celebration was for the wedding of Bavaria’s Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on Oct. 12, 1810. This wedding was celebrated for multiple days with festivities that included horse racing, feasting and once again, drinking! There is a lot of heritage that is prevalent in this festival. People will adorn their oldest Bavarian clothing and enjoy the traditional Bavarian music.


German “Das Boot”


The American Movie Beerfest showcases a lot of German culture while also throwing an incredible amount of humor in the mix. Although there was giant glass boot that the team had to gulp down to emerge victorious, there is true culture behind it. It is said that a German general promised his soldiers that if they emerged victorious on the battlefield, he would drink beer out of his fully filled boot. Upon their success on the battlefield, the general kept his word and the story lives on.

Though their may be a glass beer in the history of Oktoberfest, be careful not to go to the festival and ask for “das boot.” Boot means boat in German, so be careful what you wish for. For now, stick to a bierstiefel.