Sup Chef, how’s it goin?

Found this video for the 7th race at Monmouth park.  I thought you might like the way the announcer did this race.

Hey, can you put up some more music videos? Also do you need a sports writer for the upcoming NFL season?

Yours truly,

Max from Tallahassee

Well Max, thanks for the email and great video. Makes me want to go out and get two horses; One named, Look Behind You, and another named I’m Over Here.  Imagine the equal arity in trying to tongue that one out of your mouth. I gotta tell yah, announcer Larry Collmus did a great job. He sounds like a confused marriage counselor. When he saw the line-up he must have been hoping for that to happen. I would.

What kind of music do you like?  If you say Chicago, you are my new best friend.  And we are all set for the 2010 NFL Season, but you are more than welcome to email us with any information, videos or submissions.  Thanks and keep reading.!

Viva La Chronic,

~ The Chef

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