Well fuck me running. If this isn’t the most bad ass person on the planet right now…Hell with the fact that Brett Farve is all over the news and making approx. $2,400 per hour on average.  This guy is getting hand jammies all night long back in Canada right now. I didnt even know there was a champion of the yo yo. I mean I did, but I didn’t know anyone cared.

When I was young I had a butterfly yo-yo. All it did was walk the dog and cut off the circulation in my middle finger. Then I think I twirled it around in circles until it flew into the neighbors’ bushes or something. Either way, I had A.D.D when I was young and there was no way I was learning shit like this dude. Did you see him brush his shoulders off? Well, more like dry the sweat off his hands. Either way, this dude makes a million in promotions and secures a job with Apple before he’s 25. My prediction…he is getting laid like a motherfucker.

Photography: Ryan Jackson