React Energy is the newest breakthrough in the supplement industry today; quite simply put, this product will change your life forever. React was created by Relive Research & Development Corp., and is an all-natural, scientifically engineered fat burning, muscle-building, appetite suppressing thermogenic and antioxidant anti-aging formula. Sounds like a mouthful, but all of the ingredients used traditionally for thousands of years have proven science backing them up. This new and exciting product is the result of years of diligence in study and testing. React Energy increases motivation, focus and endurance, and it expedites your results of weight training and exercise. React works by increasing the amount of calories burned, pulling more from where calories build up in stored body fat. React does this by simultaneously increasing muscle performance and recovery, making each and every workout more effective than the one before. Sounds revolutionary doesn’t it? That’s because it is. React was designed by Don Schneider–a chemical engineer and founder of Relive Research & Development, Corp. When asked about the success of React Energy and RRD Corp., Don had this to say:

“Our mission at RRD is to provide the inspiration and the means for individuals to maximize their health, athletic performance, and enjoyment of life. Our promise to our customers is to uphold the highest level of integrity in all we do, from the quality of our ingredients and effective design of our formulas to our commitment to health and happiness of our customers and the environment.”

That’s not surprising coming from Don who has a wealth of knowledge in the health and wellness industry. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a chemical engineering degree, Don worked as a chemist and plant manager for Optimum Nutrition. It was there that while watching all the chemicals being put into sports supplements and the side-effects sometimes caused, that Don began formulating the concept of Conscious Sports Nutrition. Which means, in a nutshell, sports nutrition that’s actually good for you. “Sports supplements should do more than help you reach your fitness goals. They should also promote your overall health and wellness and should never be harmful or contain synthetic chemicals”, says Schneider. From this forward thinking, React Energy was born.

For over two years, React was available exclusively to insiders in the entertainment and fashion industry, people who make a career out of how their body looks and how they are able to perform at a high energy level through long days and lots of travel.  React became the healthy alternative and natural supplement for the fast-paced lifestyle and proved itself as an energy supplement and a fat burner. Chances are that some of the bodies you have been idolizing in magazines, on tv and the silver screen are React bodies. Supermodel Monica Hansen, who has graced the covers of GQ, FHM, and Playboy is a React faithful and recently flew to Miami to film part of her reality show consulting and working out with Don. Fast-forward to today, and React is now available at select retailers in the Miami area and New York City as well as online for the rest of the country. Because of its unique design, React is available both at natural health stores as well as gyms. React is 100% natural and uses Guarana extract, Green Tea extract, Advantra Z patented Citrus Aurantium, Cha de Bugre extract, Yohimbe Bark extract, and Forslean patented Coleus Forskohlii extract to produce results that its chemical-laden competitors could only dream of. Independent studies have all confirmed that regular use of React Energy in the managable dose of two to four pills a day leads to improved focus, endurance, athletic performance and, of course, fat loss.

In some cases, React was even proven to assist in burning fat for individuals who weren’t even going to the gym! The group all took the supplement 30 minutes before eating and experienced smaller appetites and weight loss. Studies on React’s effectiveness and use for motivating positive change were so promising that in October of 2009, the City of Miami Beach presented RRD founder Don Schneider with a certificate of recognition for his work in Conscious Sports Nutrition. So if you’re in the market for a little extra energy, less fat and an overall healthy more efficient body, visit RRD’s website, and pick yourself up a bottle of the most cutting edge supplement on the market today, React Energy. React can and should be taken everyday. Like all herbal formulas, take on an empty stomach for the best results. It’s also important to note that even though React will help you shed unwanted weight and feel more focused and energetic, as always it will work even better with a healthy diet and sound exercise routine. React Energy is about efficiency; it’s about making your body a fat burner and lean muscle builder, and in turn, making you a more efficient person and athlete. After using React for training, Ruth Riley, Olympic gold medalist for the USA Basketball team and WNBA all-star had this to say, “I was sweating off the calories in cardio spinning class and looking around the room like “Is anyone else working out here?” React is safe for all adults. The dosage for non-stimulant users is one capsule twice a day to start. Those who are used to taking stimulants as training supplements can feel safe taking two capsules twice a day.

To purchase your first bottle of React Energy and take advantage of RRD’s buy two get one free special, visit their website at If you have any other questions about natural supplementation, feel free to contact them  to design a custom sports nutrition plan and supplement program to meet your specific needs. After all, why let a little fat stand in the way of you having a healthy and vibrant life in the body you have always dreamed of? To contact RRD Corp. about a personal consultation, email Don at

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