R Kelly sits down with Gayle King of CBS in a crazy emotional interview.

Former R&B superstar and current child molesting pedophile has-been, R Kelly is “Fighting for His F***ing Life!” That is what he screamed as he had a classic meltdown in his interview on CBS This Morning. He sat down for an interview with “journalist” Gayle King. It was a very long awaited interview. Kelly has not done any interviews with any major media outlets since the Lifetime Network, six-part documentary titled Surviving R Kelly.

The interview was complete gold and is going to set off a ton of memes. Many believe that the Michael Jordan cry face is now going to be replaced by a crying Robert Kelly. You get the whole rainbow of emotions here. He gets mad. He cries. He flails around. He even does the punching the hand thing when you get angry and are really trying to make your point.

There were some doozy quotes as well. I found this interview so compelling, yet funny too. This was great entertainment. Better than 90% of the scripted dramas and comedies on CBS or any other network for that matter. When asked about the documentary and the 50+ people that shared negative stories and opinions on the Kelly situation, Kelly offered this classic.


“Everybody said something bad about me. Nobody said nuttin’ good.  They was describing Lucifer…I’m not Lucifer.” — R Kelly


Other highlights of the interview include Kelly saying that he didn’t even know what a cult was. Also when asked if he held anyone against their will he said, “I don’t need to. Why would I? How stupid would I be to do that? That’s stupid guys. Is this camera on me? That’s stupid. How stupid would that be?

At this point, he begins to boil over and lose it. It is amazing TV!


“I didn’t do this stuff. This is not me. I’m fighting for my fucking life. Ya’ll killin’ me with this shit. (He then stands up seriously upset and flails right in King’s face). I give you 30 years of my fucking career. 30 years of my career, and ya’ll tryin’ to kill me! (As he bangs his chest) You killing me man. This is not about music. I’m trying to have a relationship with my kids and I can’t do it. Ya’ll just don’t wanna believe the truth. You dont wanna believe it.”


At this point, they had to stop the interview as it was going off the rails. As he is being calmed down, Kelly says that he hopes the camera keeps going. Don’t worry Robert the camera is still going bro. In a “NO SHIT” moment King states, that they are gonna keep it rolling. Of course, they did. This was TV / internet gold! You must watch this video as soon as you read this. For more internet gold, check out more videos right here on VIDEOGOD.com.

This interview is timely as Kelly was indicted again last month. This time charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse of 4 women, including three that were minors at the time. It is quite obvious that this documentary just turned the light on and Kelly is now a wanted man. He will not find his way out of this one. This interview isn’t going to help.

At the time I write this story, I read that Kelly, barely a week after he was bailed out of jail on sex abuse charges, was taken back into custody on Wednesday for failing to pay his ex-wife more than $160,000 in child support.