Former 1980s teen heartthrob Corey Haim was found dead early Wednesday morning of an apparent drug overdose. Haim was pronounced dead at approximately 2:15 a.m. (PST) after he was taken to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California.  The 38 year old actor had been struggling with drug addiction for years, and it appears that his habitual and prolonged use may have been the culprit of his ultimate demise.  An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death. People can make assumptions all they want about Haim’s unfortunate death, but nothing will change the fact that he was a pivitol part of the movie scene in the 80s. We’ve all seen his movies, including “The Lost Boys”, “Lucas”,  and “Licence to Drive” to name a few.  “The Lost Boys” was the coolest vampire movie I had ever seen to that point in my young life.  I literally wanted to become the undead after experiencing it for the first time.  I remember drinking red Kool Aid and pretending that it was blood (Yes I was a little freak). “Lucas” was the ultimate underdog story that every nerd could get behind and every girl melted for.  If you watched Haim triumph in that feel-good film (with that special young lady) then you knew that you were in line for a little something, something.  Who could ever forget “License to Drive” with Haim playing the 16 year-old kid trying to impress the hot chick (played by an extremely young Heather Graham) by stealing his grandfather’s land-yacht of a Cadillac. We’ve all been in the scenario where we just got our car and wanted to hook up with that girl that was way out of our league.  Sure, the girl was probably no Heather Graham, but back then it didn’t even matter.  Haim’s films epitomized what the 80s were all about. It was a decadent time for everybody, and Haim lived the movie star lifestyle that most people can only dream about. Unfortunately, Haim’s hard partying started at a very early age, and soon enough, he was totally caught up in the drug scene. Despite his all-too early departure from this mortal coil, he must have enjoyed his life to an extent. The kid had boatloads of money and girls falling at his feet.  He partied like a rock star and had stories that average people couldn’t even comprehend.  Overdose or not, Corey Haim lived his life to the fullest and I commend him for that.  Hollywood will chew you up and spit you out, so for Haim to last as long as he did is an accomplishment in its own right.  Haim checked out much too, early but at least he lived the lifestyle any of us would trade for at the drop of a dime.