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According to the American Cancer Society, smoking related diseases claim an estimated 480,000 lives each year. Cigarette smoking has also been identified as the largest source of preventable premature mortality in the world today. If you’re a smoker, quitting isn’t just a good idea, it may save your life. Anyone who is a smoker and has tried to quit has faced the same dilemmas–the maddening nicotine cravings, the fear of weight-gain due to increased appetite, and in most cases, the inability to actually quit. Some smokers also experience symptoms of depression when they realize just how hooked to cigarettes they are and feel defeated because they just can’t stop, not to mention the added stress from the financial drain that a smoking habit can be. Tina Chace and her professional staff at Laser Solutions Treatment Center are committed to doing just that, helping you quit. They have successfully treated smokers and dippers from all over South Florida. You can be their next success story, and as an ex-smoker herself, Tina understands exactly what you are going through and just how difficult it is to quit. She is compassionate, understanding committed to helping you quit. Using cold laser therapy(also referred to as laser acupuncture, photon stimulation, photobiostimulation [pst] or low level laser therapy) smokers are treated for their nicotine addiction with the application of a “cold” pure laser light targeted precisely to release your body’s natural endorphins.  Within minutes of receiving the treatment you will feel completely relaxed and nicotine-craving free. Many people claim to actually experience a slight euphoria after the process. The laser therapy is completely painless and has no negative side effects. Laser Solutions Treatment Center makes quitting smoking easy and obtainable. Additional laser points may also be added to squash those pesky food cravings sometimes associated with abstaining from nicotine. If you are ready to finally kick the habit and make your lungs happy and healthy again, don’t hesitate to call Tina Chace and her team of professionals at the Laser Solutions Treatment Center. They can be reached at 1174 S. Powerline Rd. Pompano Beach, Florida (954) 972-2888 or (877)33I-Quit.