Q& A with Mrs. David

South Florida Chronicle caught up with South Florida’s most trusted psychic to bring you a little insight into 2010.

SFLC: Mrs. David, you have been one of South Florida’s most trusted psychics for quite some time. When did you come to South Florida?

Mrs. David: Ive been in Florida for 22 years. I was born in the mountains of the West coast. I’m from a Native American bloodline, meaning my ancestors were Cherokee Indians.

SFLC: When you where growing up when did you realize you had the ability to foretell?

Mrs. David: Well, I was from a family of six. I was the youngest. My mom had the ability but I didn’t realize I had the ability until I was around twelve. It just seemed like I could always sense what people where feeling. Ive always been very aware of the good and bad in people; I can sense it as soon as I meet them. Sometimes I do face-readings which is very uncommon for psychics. I can usually see whats going on in a persons’ life as soon as I meet them.

SFLC: So did you and your mother ever speak to you about your abilities?

Mrs. David: Yes, just before my mother passed away she taught me how to use my abilities. I was 20 years old at the time. It was a very important and influential time in my life. Nowadays, I use the ability to help people whenever I can. Sometimes however, I meet people who have problems I cant help: for instance, I can’t make people fall in love with you. When I can’t help someone, I tell them.

SFLC: What are some problems you have helped people with?

Mrs. David: I have helped people all over South Florida with things like drinking problems, relationship issues, and career questions. The New Year is always a very busy time for me. People often want guidance around the holidays.

SFLC: Who is your average client?

Mrs. David: Everyone; as long as there is love in their heart, I can help them. I have had some clients over 20 years. A lot of them come see me twice a week. For the ones that live out of town or are on vacation I speak with them over the phone. Its not always for a traditional reading, sometimes they may need insight into a business decision or relationship problem. I also answer a lot of heritage questions. I have helped many lovers; sometimes soul-mates can get lost and need to be put back on track–other times they need to know it is time to let go. People drive in from out of state to meet me at my home on a regular basis. Its a gift that was passed down through my family I just try to use it to help people.

SFLC: Have you ever used your ability to look into your own life?

Mrs. David: I don’t like to see into my own life. I was blessed with peace so I have a clear mind to help others. Sometimes I can sense the weather so,  in that aspect I use it in my own life.

SFLC: Do you believe there are other people who have the ability?

Mrs. David: Yes of course. I believe everyone has a little sixth sense, its just stronger in some of us than others.

SFLC: Mrs David, can you leave our readers with a little insight in 2010?

Mrs. David: Yes. 2009 was a tough year for South Florida, especially for families with children. In 2010 it will begin to ease up. The housing market will begin a slow improvement, as well as the economy. If there’s one thing I may suggest it’s that we all try to help one another as we begin to heal as a community.

If you would like to have Mrs. David provide you with a little insight into your own life, give her a call and ask for guidance. She can be reached at (954) 849-2499.