SFLC: Just how many reality shows have you been on?

Megan: Five: “Beauty and the Geek”, “Rock of Love”, “I love Money”, “Rock of Love Charm School,” and “Megan wants a Millionaire”.

SFLC: So that pretty much makes you a reality superstar…How did you get in the business?

Megan: Well, I started out with Playboy as a cybergirl, then as I was perusing Craigslist one day, I found an ad for the “Beauty and the Geek” audition. I went to the one in Chicago because that’s where I was living at the time. They ended up picking me out of 100,000 girls!

SFLC: That’s impressive. Out of all the shows you’ve been on, which one was the most fun?

Megan: My own show, “Megan Wants a Millionaire”. They treated me like gold. It was so much fun; I got to interview guys and go on dates with the ones I liked, even though it was a little more work than I like to do–or usually do for that matter.

SFLC: Which show was the most fun behind the scenes?

Megan: Definitely “I Love Money”. It was shot in Mexico, so it was like summer camp: lots of boys, alcohol and secret crushes.

SFLC: Was there ever anything which made you think, “I hope they don’t air that?”

Megan: Yes. When I was eliminated on “Rock of Love”, they made it look like I was crying over my ex-boyfriend–which I wasn’t. I was just drunk. I never liked that boyfriend anyway; it was all in the editing.

SLFC: Ok, so you’re single. What’s a reality star like you doing on an average Saturday night?

Megan: Three things: laying by the pool, laying at the beach or laying in bed.

SLFC: Now I hear you’re a big animal lover and are involved in multiple pet charities. Any truth to that?

Megan: Yes. I love animals, and I do charity work for a bunch of different causes. Mostly I try to get the word out about mentally challenged pets; it’s a real cause and not a lot of people know about it. I have a mentally challenged chihuahua named Lily.

SLFC: What’s on the horizon for Megan–any reality shows in the works?

Megan: No reality shows for a little while. Right now I’m just focused on taking over South Florida with the New York Strip spokesmodels!

SLFC: Ok, so now I have to ask you about Ryan Jenkins [the reality star who murdered his wife, Jasmine Fiore]. You knew him right?

Megan: I knew him pretty well. He was a little weird; he believed that there were signs from God–Like he thought that because he and Jasmine had the same birthday, it was a sign that they were supposed to be together.

SFLC: So does that mean all Canadians are crazy?

Megan: Well, I don’t know. He’s the only one I ever met. That makes it one for one, so maybe.

SFLC: Did you ever make out with him (Ryan)?

Megan: Yes.

SFLC: So basically, you kissed a killer!

Megan: Yeah, I guess you could say that.

SFLC: Sorry…one last question, and we’ll try to keep it serious. You have to marry one, sleep with one and kill one. Ready? Howard Stern, Marky Mark and Tony Danza.

Megan: Ok–I’ll kill Howard Stern then marry and sleep with Marky Mark–even though I met [him], and he was much shorter than I thought: a little bit disappointing, to say the least.

SFLC: Lol! Jeesh–no love for “Who’s the Boss”!