The former Miss World and Quantico star, Priyanka Chopra gave an Instagram tour to her fans and talked about the pictures with The Rock, real armpits, New York City street food, and much more. The Bollywood-turned-Hollywood star will be featured in the September Issue of GQ Magazine where she talked about her transition onto American Screens.

The actress told GQ a story about a picture of herself with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. She recalled, “This was the picture we did on the beach in Miami for Baywatch. It was from his phone. And this was such a cool looking picture that I wanted to post the picture of him and I for his birthday. It was really funny because I had to ask his people to give me the pic so I can post it to wish him. It is really stupid actually.” Discussing the armpit Photoshop issue she said that “the whole episode was really funny and she wanted to know what the world had to say about her real armpits. I must be doing something right the entire world is discussing my armpits.”

The Baywatch star also talked about the click she posted with a huge hot dog and revealed that it is a “tradition” for her and whenever she lands in New York she straight away rushes to either get a hot dog or a pizza. She further told her audience, “I love street food in New York.”