Not so fast you greedy b*tch!

In what has turned out to be an ugly divorce proceeding between movie star Dennis Hopper and his wife Victoria, the “Easy Rider” star has been forced to get a restraining order against his soon to be ex-wife. According to Hopper and his family, Victoria has been hassling him so much about how much she will receive after he dies that it is actually having a negative affect on his health.  Hopper’s physician, Dr. David Angus, has actually stepped in and declared that this behavior from Victoria and her mother is having a negative impact on his patient’s recovery and it needs to stop.  This was not welcome news to the Hopper family who went right to the judge to get a restraining order against Victoria. Victoria now has to stay ten feet away from Dennis, his home, and his family at all times.

Hopper, who has been fighting an advanced case of prostate cancer, went as far as to say that Victoria and her mother had actually woken him up in the middle of the night to berate him about how much money and property she would receive after he died!  As if that wasn’t bad enough, Hopper went on to say that Victoria’s mother had told him on one occasion that “he was going to die soon so he should give the bulk of his property to Victoria.” Hopper who was obviously not feeling the love at this point, (more like a knife in his back), said he “found the comment to be distressing, inappropriate, bizarre and disturbing.” Dennis even went as far as to site the incident in his divorce filings under irreconcilable differences. Victoria fired back with a bit of dirty laundry of her own telling the press that Dennis had smoked pot in front of their six year old child, Galen. Dennis was then quick to point out that it was medical marijuana (treatment for his prostate cancer) and he had never smoked it in front of a child.

Lucky for Hopper he has Victoria in the Mac daddy of all prenuptial agreements.  The Hopper family pre-nup should they divorce states that Victoria only gets what she came into the relationship with, which in her case is less than nothing. Dennis keeps all the property including a house and condo in Venice, all of his retirement benefits, his 3.5 million dollar art collection, and last but not least Victoria must also give up her 25% of the will and life insurance she stands to inherit when the famed actor passes.

As for Victoria’s separate property that she came into the relationship with, well lets just say it includes a computer, a bookcase, a 1973 VW Karmann Ghia and her grand parents furniture.  Had Dennis not got wind of her and her mother’s greedy tendencies Victoria would have cashed in over 6.25 million dollars when the actor passed away.  Good news for Victoria though, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s are all accepting applications at this time.