Mighty Morphin UFC fighter Jason David Frank wants to kick Van Damme's ass!

That’s right folks, its not a misprint: one of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Jason David Frank has challenged Jean-Claude Van Damme to an MMA fight!  What could be better than this? Are you honestly telling me we could get to see Jean-Claude Van Damme in a real fight against a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger? This is great, only in America! God bless the MMA. Jason David Frank aka “the white power ranger” for those of you who don’t watch Saturday morning cartoons, has challenged Jean-Claude Van Damme to a fight “Anytime, anywhere.” i It seems this Power Ranger is tired of beating up on puppets and is ready to take on the winner of a fictional kumate. According to Frank, Van Damme had been an idol of his while growing up..that was until Van Damme snubbed him off at the Premier of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie back in 1999. Ever since then,  Frank has been ready to go toe to toe with his former hero. These days Frank is a low level UFC fighter with his first fight coming up and he still hasn’t gotten over being snubbed outright by Van Damme. He has even gone on to say that if Van Damme doesn’t want to fight MMA, he’ll fight him Kick Boxing. What really makes this story interesting is that Van Damme has been quoted saying that he wants to make his debut in the MMA soon leaving the door wide open for a Celebrity Death Match without the clay. So someone please call Dana White over at the UFC and make this happen. If we are lucky, maybe we can get Ross and Chandler from Friends to fight on the under card!