Steven Hill...Murderer and still on the run!

Pornstar Steve Driver, aka Stephen Clancy Hill, fell from a California cliff in favor of arrest after having recently gone on the run for murder. Los Angeles police sent SWAT to take down the wayward adult filmstar after his bloody Samurai rampage at his previous place of employment. The all-day standoff did not end well for the suspect, as he either leapt or simply fell from the cliff where police had him cornered. The circumstances for this crime are bizarre. Hill, who worked as a pornstar for the company Ultima DVD, went berserk and became enraged with his colleagues after learning that he was being fired and evicted from the offices at Ultima DVD, where he also lived.  

Using a samurai sword that was a prop in certain fetish films (and something Hill was apparently fascinated with) he killed fellow actor Tom Dong, aka Herbert Wong, and injured two others. Hill attacked his porn peers during a small social gathering at Ultima DVD Inc.’s distribution and production center in the Van Nuys section of Los Angeles, according to police. The victims were rushed to the hospital where Dong died as a result of his injuries and the two other victims remained briefly hospitalized with non-life threatening wounds due to the attack.  

The owner of Ultima DVD offered a $2,000 reward to anyone who could provide information leading to his capture, but he was pursued by LA’s swat team before anyone could cash in the bounty on the crazed ninja-wannabe. An anonymous source told reporters that Hill always carried swords and other weapons in his car. “He had about 30 pictures of him and his swords,” the man said. “I think he had like two Samurai swords”. Hill also had a prior record for assault. In 1998, he threatened a teaching assistant at a Maryland college with a gun if he didn’t get an A in that particular class. He reportedly said he was “a mobster and would dismember the instructor’s body if he didn’t get the grade.” Hill testified at trial that he threatened to kill the teacher after the instructor requested oral sex. The teacher denied Hill’s claim.  

Treez Says: Let’s be clear that the term pornstar is being used VERY LOOSELY here. This psychopath was just a regular “schmuck” who did some whacko fetish porn, sniffing armpits and swinging samurai swords. Mr. Marcus, Ron Jeremy, Brandon Iron…those are PORNSTARS. A lot of people get fired. A lot of people get evicted. A very select few get fired and evicted at the same time. It still doesn’t mean that you start going Kill F*ckin’ Bill on everybody!!