On Wednesday February 1st, the adult website known as Pornhub launched an online sexual education site that offers information on your sex life, STD’s and STI’s, reproductive health etc.

According to Corey Price, vice president of pornhub. the site brings in around 70 million viewers a day. Price said he wants to provide the viewers with trustworthy information and advice on sex. Price went on to say,

“We understand the importance of educating the general public on a wide range of topics pertaining to sexual health and awareness, and saw an opportunity to deliver knowledge and understanding through renowned doctors and experts,” Price said in a statement. “Think of us as a one-stop shop, available 24/7, to facilitate your needs, be it comprehensive information regarding STI’s and safe sex, the latest in sex tech or advice on how to approach a friends with benefits arrangement.”

People took to social media with many supporting the idea, and others wondering why. What do you think? Is it a good move on pornhub’s part, or is it just a waste of time?