Popular porn site PornHub and adult film star Christy Mack have teamed up to raise awareness against domestic violence.

In 2014 Mack was the victim of a violent attack from ex-boyfriend and pro fighter ‘War Machine’. She is hoping this campaign helps others that have been or are still victims of domestic violence.

Mack was left stabbed and had 18 broken bones. Her face was so badly beaten she was unrecognizable.

PornHub cares which is a branch of PornHub has produced a line of t-shirts with Mack on them. The adult video site claims that one in every three women will be the victim of domestic violence. Most people don’t know that, which is why they are raising awareness.

Knowing how most guys brains work, her name will probably be entered into a search engine so her videos can be watched LOL. But show support and by a shirt!