Isn’t it Wonderful?

According to an article I read in one local paper, the so-called Coffee Party wants civility in our political discourse, unlike the neanderthal practices of the Tea Party members. Civility, after all is to be admired. We can disagree but not be disagreeable.

It is curious that this Coffee Party movement is so recent. The reason for this new found push for civility must be that those who opposed, let’s say an earlier president like George W. Bush, were always civil and there was never a need for a Coffee Party then. We must be magnanimous with our political opponents, for heated rhetoric is an awful feature which is a brand new phenomenon. Let’s look at the record…

Where were those who wish for civility on Monday, Jan 28, 2008 when it was reported by Reuters that a man was arrested and charged with making a verbal threat against President George W Bush? The man also left behind what was called a “suspicious package”.

Where were the Coffee Party members and organizers who now want civility when the NY Post reported that Irving Miqui, a student in a New York City high school, said that he wanted to shoot the president and become a national hero? This remark slipped passed all of the faculty members responsible for screening content, including the principal himself, and the incendiary remarks appeared in a student magazine. Of course it was just a joke…boys will be boys. The student was visited by the Secret Service, but the mother and the principal of the school said that Irving was just kidding. Apparently, no need for civility yet.

Maybe we needed a Coffee Party devoted to civility toward those individuals who picketed at the anti-war rally in San Francisco on March 18, 2007. Some of the angry mob even brandished signs, exclaiming “Kill Bush.” Another sign called for Bush’s death and labeled him a “terrorist pig”.

Civility was most certainly evident at a November 20, 2003 protest, which featured signs that said “Save Mother Earth Kill Bush”, or perhaps regard another situation in which the general public displayed flawless grace and civility when they exposed a sign that showed a portrait of Bush in a hangman’s noose, which appeared at an October 27, 2007 protest in Los Angeles.

Apparently the people who wish for civility now were strangely silent when these signs and threats were made. For more photos of this type and excellent collection about this subject, you can go to

I believe that this new call for civility is another weapon of those on the left and their friends in the liberal media. This is just another way to try and discredit any anti-Obama sentiment and action.