Donald Trump banned access to America from seven Muslim countries his first week in office. The ban went into effect instantly, which threw the whole country on its ear. Some airline passengers were stuck at airports, others with green cards were denied access back into the country, and some had family members caught on the other side of the border. Worst off, some government agencies reported that they had not been prior consulted and had no idea how to deal with Trump’s travel ban or implement it.

The ban also sparked protests all over the country. The same type of protest that have become the hallmark of the Donald J. Trump presidency. Those against the travel ban have already brought about a mega lawsuit against the Trump administration and United States Government from the ACLU. There is another lawsuit that is supposed to be levied at them, by another watch dog group as early as Monday morning. In the meantime Federal judges have put a temporary stay on the Trump executive order. Which left some government officials scratching their head as to whose laws to enforce. The federal governments or the executive branch’s?

No matter how you slice it, this story is just beginning and will certainly be ongoing for months to come. Combine this with Trump’s Russian ties probe, his ethics lawsuit for not divesting from his company, his charity investigation in New York, and now all these new lawsuits. It certainly makes you wonder how on Earth the Trump administration will not be consumed by the giant fire, that they have burning on so many different fronts now. Never have I every seen a presidential candidate and new administration have so many active battlefronts on their very first days in office. It would seem the fire is already almost to big a blaze, for any politician to be able to survive.