You ever feel like you might have a teeny, tiny cavity hiding on the insides of one of your primary bicuspids? Ever wonder if their might be a little baby burrow of decay nestled into the unseen regions of your major premolars? Have you ever dreamt of Swedish Fish?

If you’re in the greater Ft. Lauderdale area, it’s time to give your current dental professional the old Irish exit, and call Dr. Steven A. Rosenberg and Associates. They’re located right here in Plantation, FL, and offer the kind of dentistry that’ll suddenly make you wanna, oh I dunno… floss regularly! Armed with the most high-tech dental gadgetry in the biz, Dr. Steven A. Rosenberg and Associates know how to get the job done efficiently, effectively, and effervescently.

One more time… effervescently.

You know how good Dr. Steven A. Rosenberg is? Do you have any idea how good he is? I’m going to tell you how good Dr. Steven A. Rosenberg is… Dr. Steven A. Rosenberg is so good, that he can tell when you’ve got a cavity without even being able to see it. No kidding. How, you ask? You’d like to know how Dr. Steven A. Rosenberg performs this miracle of the dental sciences?

He’s a world-class dentist, that’s how. He’s a student of dental medicine, he knows his industry, and he implements the right technology to help his patients. He’s also got a Diagnodent.

According to the manufacturer, the “DIAGNOdent Classic High Tech Laser Fluorescence Caries Detection Aid which measures changes in tooth structure caused by caries. It is especially useful for pit and fissure area – even when the outer tooth surface seems to be intact.  90% accurate in detecting incipient caries.  Allows monitoring over time.  Easy to use.”

Translation: laser beams reminiscent of those found in the med bay of a star destroyer – scan the inside of the tooth. When decay is detected, it appears as a fluorescent flash, which is relayed audibly through the device.

Ft. Lauderdale area dentist = Dr. Steven A. Rosenberg.