A plane crashed into Pompano Beachd home and bounced off in the neighborhood’s backyard. The house was burning but no people found in the home. Three people – one woman and two men on the plane were severely injured.

No one was injured on the ground except the three people who are in a critical condition.  Taking a look at the house we could see the burned area, where plane initially hit the roof of the house and bounced out to backyard next to it.

Neighbor, Jennifer Benson realized that something wrong could happen before the crash and watched in horror. She was watching the plane coming too low towards the top of the tree. At the same time Michelle Miller also noticed some trouble in the air and she described – “It was in trouble, sputtered and plane came straight down.”

Benson’s Husband rick rescued the people from the plane by just holding back of the tale of the plane. It was evident that they were seriously burned since the victims were crawled from the plane.

The other neighbor, Geremy Algarin, heard the impact and saw the house is blowing smoke everywhere and then he ran over the side of the house and saw people over there have already pulled out the pilots by then, and a Lady was sitting over there, two other men were sitting but the face was all beat up. The other guy’s skin was burnt.

Investigators stood over the top of the roof to understand on what could have caused the plane crashed.