"Who" wants to play?

Lock up your children South Florida because The Who is going to rock out with their c@&#s out next Sunday at the Super Bowl halftime show.  Not that any of your kids will have any idea who they are, but there’s a chance that The Who’s 63-year-old guitarist  Pete Townshend probably does.  You see, the homes and schools located around Sun Life Stadium are receiving delightful little welcome notes from the sex offender advisory board explaining that Townshend is a registered sex offender in his home country of England for a 2003 offense related to child pornography.  Pinball wizard indeed!!  Now if you’re a big Who fan you’re sure to enjoy the halftime show where they will be belting out hits like “Who are You”,  “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, and “Baba O’Riley”, if not, you can always find Townshend cruising the playgrounds in his 1980’s style van with tinted windows luring children inside with promises of ice cream and candy.  Either way enjoy the game next Sunday South Florida.