…and it was designed for suckers to need a reason to pay $100 for this PPV. And those of you that do that, are just that…SUCKERS!!! It is all staged and hyped up just so you want to buy it!

And that is all it is, hype and shit talking. I mean this makes White Men Can’t Jump’s Sidney Deane & Billy Hoyle look like civilized English chaps discussing Parliament. I have never seen hype like this before. That is because it never existed on this level. No doubt that part of this is the crossover appeal of two different fight leagues clashing together with their loudest, stupidest and brashest stars. Don’t you remember how stupid it all looked in Rocky IV when Apollo Creed came out to James Brown’s “Living in America”

Well, it was over the top and stupid as fuck. But this is way way way worse. These two clowns just insult each other. There is nothing fun about this. And when does it get old? I mean for Christ sakes, they are doing FOUR OF THESE!!

I caught a small “lowlight” reel from Complex Magazines YouTube Channel, which I am posting here. It all starts at the :15 sec mark with Mayweather smelling a bitch. And then the edit shows a stream of BITCH, HO, PUSSY, 100 more BITCHES and then the doozy when Mayweather calls McGregor a “faggot”. Yeah, the F-BOMB!! Whhhoooooaaaaa! And guess what……NOTHING! Really, nothing.

There was some very light buzz around it online. The MSM and sport’s media said very very little. I wonder why. Why the free pass? Cuz he’s black? Cuz he’s rich? Cuz he’s an athlete and we should expect this? The both of them were totally crass. I don’t get offended and honestly could not give a shit what they say. But everyone else in society has become a snowflake. So many should be offended. But they are silent. And that is because the media is silent.

Remember all the shit Donald Trump got for talking OFF THE RECORD about “grabbing pussy”? Granted it was stupid, and he is running for Prez, but it was meant to derail an entire campaign. And everyone said, what do I tell my daughter? What do we tell the girls and children? So much worry about the children!! These guys are doing this in the open for FUCKING ENTERTAINMENT!! So what do you say to your daughter’s now? Why the double standard here for these guys? And what they are saying is way worse!

Mayweather was forced to address and apologize for what he said. He explained it away using the classic race card. He said, that off the air and away from the press conference that McGregor called him a monkey and racially insulted black women. Does anyone really believe that? And even if true, why did he throw gay people under the bus? McGregor is not even gay, so it doesn’t offend him!! At least call him a cracker or a honky or a peckerwood or a limey…something creative. No, Floyd went with faggot and no one gives a shit cuz it wasn’t Donald Trump or someone else that would be more fun to demonize. It’s fucking amazing the double standards that exist.

Just know this, my gay friends and readers…Dog the Bounty Hunter, Hulk Hogan and Paula Dean had their careers destroyed over one …ONE N-Bomb! You know what that tells you? It says you are not on the level of black folks in the “Opression Olympics”. And as you know, you don’t even sniff the Muslims as they are given a free pass to actually kill you based on your LBGTQ “ness”. Sad but true says the BasedJew.

I included a great NCAA 64 Tournament Bracket for you to enjoy if you need a primer on the O.O.