What is really good fellas?? How are you enjoying your stay in lovely sunny South Florida??? I hear the weather has been nice, and there are plenty of reasons to hit the beach and bars…I mean, who doesn’t love a nice sunny day on the beach getting tanned, drinking some suds, maybe smoking a couple Marb lights or two…As you guys usually do right?

I loved season one of Jersey Shore. It was so freaking addicting that one day I didn’t leave my room for nine straight hours, lying in wait for Snookie’s pie-hole to get jacked at the Beachcomber. I have got to say, it was well worth it; I haven’t had a good belly laugh in ages…How is our little Snook meister doin’ there Mike?? Is she finally able to open and close her mouth normally again? Of course she is…. Because I can clearly see that you and her were smashing face together at Tantra Lounge last Monday…Which takes me to my next question about this rather revealing picture of Pauly D and big Vin chillaxing on South Beach yesterday.

Now. I’m not what you call a “chick-magnet” and I might not be the best “Wingman.” But I do understand certain things that happen when you are famous, have muscles, and shit-tons of money. One, being that you can do whatever the hell you please. Two, is you can smash whomever the hell you please. So it leads me to wonder why the hell Situation resorts to making out with the midget version of Rosie O’donnell while youz boys are attracting what looks to be imported meats and cheeses from lower Sea Isle City?

" 4/26/10 - - Our first date..."

Man up and start acting like professionals will yah? Maybe you need to visit the Smoosh Mansion this weekend, get re-acquainted with what there is to offer down here. Mad props to Sammi though. What’s poppin sugar bear..? Call me….


~ Chef