Patrick Zarrelli the former Vice President of Beach Front News, Publisher of the Print Killer Media Network, and CEO of Dependable Website Management talks about the pursuit of start-up success with us today here at Video God. PS full disclosure this dude is also our boss!

Patrick Zarrelli

Patrick Zarrelli with his sister at a company event.

When I asked our current CEO and founder Patrick Zarrelli about his trials and tribulations being a serial entrepreneur. He laughed and asked me why I wanted to hear such a story. I told him I was interested in our origins as a company, and in what it would take to start a company like this myself someday. Blood, sweat, and tears, he answered. Partially joking, but also I think letting me know that being a business owner is not always the proverbial bowl of cherries. Heavy wears the crown, I believe they say.

For me he said success was a series of trial and errors. “I had worked at and run multiple start-ups before finding success at the two companies I own today. Not only did I have to find the right industry, I had to find my place in it, and I had to have a business plan smart and savvy enough to gain market share in that sector of the industry. This trifecta I think is a good base to have for anyone trying to start a new company.”

But the most important thing he said was experience. “I tell everyone you must have ten thousand hours in any field to be an expert. Once you have your ten thousand hours, you are an expert in your field, and people will pay you well for your expertise. Inversely if you don’t have your ten thousands hours in a particular field, you will probably lose money while you’re trying to get them. So for me, Zarrelli said. I like to stay in my own lane. ie the online tech industry. This is where I have my ten thousand hours, this is where I’m an expert, so this is where I feel most comfortable investing my time and money.”

At the end of the day starting any business is a risk, so you might as well do it in an industry where you have a lot of experience. That makes a lot of obvious and simple sense. Moreover knowing where you fit into that industry, and having a solid plan to gain market share quickly, will certainly help your transition into entrepreneurship. At the end of the day starting a business is a challenge, but if you’re a task oriented person who doesn’t give up easy, the rewards for your hard work and perseverance can be amazing. You never see a successful business owner who regrets starting his company. So don’t let the negative Nancy’s hold you back. If you think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, then you probably do!


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