Patrick Guyton’s Advanced Creative Art!

Patrick Guyton is an artist of vision, sophistication and advanced creativity. He is also the 4th most selling artist in the world. He has developed his own unique style of imagery using the substrate of Japanese leafing as part of his medium. He also uses a Flemish Masters practice of glazing. Building layer upon layer of paint, supported by the light bending brilliance of leafing, and the use of negative space, he will take you into his changing world of light and color. Guyton’s art is very cool folks! He works with real gold, silver and platinum leaf as his backgrounds for each piece. If you have ever been lucky enough to see one of his pieces you can imagine that it is a very difficult to produce. “The process is extremely challenging, everything is hand done from scratch and it is very very time consuming”, he states.


Guyton is originally from Newcastle, PA and now lives in Southern Cali ever since 1987. Back in the late 80s he moved out to Cali to pursue a music career and did art on the side. He did backgrounds for the animation and cartoon industry, painted billboards, did custom automotive art, but things changed when he met famed art publisher Dave Smith. Dave signed Guyton as his publisher and Guyton’s fine art started blowing up in 2008.

Now, Guyton is certainly one of the hottest selling artists in the world. His works are on permanent display in over 30 high-end galleries throughout the United States and abroad. His work is also now displayed on all Princess, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Holland America and Carnival cruises, amongst others.


He told me that being an artist is a job that he loves and it blows his mind that someone pays him everyday to come in and do it.

In order to create his works, he takes a little bit of his skills from all of his past jobs to create this new type of art. From the backgrounds, to the automotive world, “everything has meaning to it that most people don’t understand”, he said. He uses very expensive products like 24K gold leaf, .999 silver leaf, pure copper leaf, palladium leaf and pure platinum leaf. He then paints on top of that leaf and finally uses 7 coats of urethane varnish over the finished piece to protect it and give it its UV protectant and brilliance.


Guyton sells the most of “Mystery” the Afghani Girl like piece inspired from the famous National Geographic image with the mysterious veil over her face. The Prince of Qatar just bought this piece for his yacht. Other famous and popular pieces are Cherry Blossoms, Hummingbirds, Golden Tree Bonsai tree on gold leaf, Large Zen Rocks (both red and blue) and Rise.


When I asked Patrick if he feels that he has met his goal, he said, “You never get there, when you do that is when your work starts to weigh on you. The average lifetime of an artist is only 5 years, so you have to constantly challenge yourself.”

PG1I asked him how he stays inspired? He said he grabs a note pad and always implements changes and always explore new bounds. He believes in constantly showing the ability to have a vision for multiple things, thus keeping his art fresh. He said he keeps going, because he loves it! A true dream come true for him!

He plans for the future to possibly add a Renaissance, dark ages and classical feel with a modern touch with the various brilliant leafs. He wants to bridge the gaps between dark scenes and bright images…


To get a real appreciation for Guyton’s work you must see it in person in a gallery or aboard a cruise ship. In person you get to see the precious metals shimmer and under different lighting the piece changes all together. Unlike Photographers who try to capture a fixed moment, Guyton explores the moment… that microsecond… when light and color intersect with the changing perceptions we know as life. It is almost magical to see them in a gallery showing room. You have to see it in person to feel it so go to to find 1 of over 30 galleries both abroad and nationwide from Hawaii to Key West and beyond. Go see for yourself what makes this artist one of the best in the world!


DeRubeis Galleries in Florida:

Key West  511 Duval St    305-396-7855

Ft Lauderdale 806 E Las Olas  954 847-1778

West Palm Beach  218 Clematis St  714 904-2689

Enjoy his imagination brought to life!