Landscaping is no longer just about mowing the grass and trimming the hedges. Yes, it still includes these basics, but the industry has evolved into so much more than that. These days, the most experienced and most sophisticated landscapers help property owners, commercial and residential alike, with life-changing, value-increasing projects, such as outdoor kitchens and bars, gorgeous outdoor living spaces, walkways, pergolas, water and fire features, stone walkways, outdoor lighting and more. With its team of experts, Broward Landscape has been installing and maintaining beautiful and unique landscaping elements for its clients in Parkland and all over the state Florida for years.

The Parkland landscaping company has been recognized as one of the best companies in the nation by Best of the Best Television. Such an honor is not to be taken lightly.

“Best of the Best travels all over America in search of our nation’s best businesses, and we have found one of them in Florida,” Best of the Best host Rich Noonan said in a video posted on YouTube. Broward Landscape earns kudos for “delivering gold standard customer service and stunning work” to all its clients, Noonan continued.

Here are some of high-end projects Broward Landscape can make come to life at your commercial or residential property in Parkland and beyond

Landscape design. Here’s where it all starts – without the right design touch, your landscaping project won’t come close to reaching its potential. That’s why Broward Landscape emphasizes the design phase for its clients.  Broward Landscape’s expert team of designers applies computer-aided design and visual imagery services technology to evaluate sun/shade exposure, plant growth rates and water intake. They’ll even test your soil with the University of Florida Soil Extension.

For commercial landscape projects, there are a multitude of factors to consider when it comes to design: The project around your business should help communicate your brand’s message; it should help attract customers and encourage them to engage with your business; it should help direct traffic flow in, out of and around the building, and it should help with environmental consciousness.

Every landscaping job, whether we’re talking about commercial or residential work, is different, and that’s why Broward Landscape offers a customized approach for every one of its clients. The landscaping around your Parkland home won’t look anything like your neighbor’s. In fact, it will look different than anybody else’s home in all of Florida.

Check out some of Broward Landscape’s commercial projects here and its residential work here.

Hardscapes. The most beautiful landscape design feature a perfect balance of softscapes and hardscapes. Hardscapes refer to static elements that remain in place for years or even decades. Features such as pavers and decking, walkways,  water features, retaining walls and decks can make your property pop. Broward Landscape can also install at your property stone paths, patios, decorative boulders and benches.

Hardscaping elements not only enhance aesthetics, they can also be functional.  A great example of this is using different types and styles of stones to cut out steep inclines and add steps, turning what used to be an inconvenient part of your property into a gorgeous outdoor staircase.

Outdoor kitchens and bars. Here’s another way to extend your home into your backyard.  An outdoor kitchen can include all the features you’re used to in your indoor kitchen but also a whole lot more. For example, an outdoor kitchen should include a refrigerator, a sink and a surface for prep. But it can also include a gas grill, a smoker and a pizza oven. And if you want your outdoor kitchen to truly be your neighborhood’s Place To Be, let’s add a television and a bar!

We went into more depth here about some of the features your outdoor kitchen could have, and also be sure to check out some of Broward Landscape’s outdoor kitchen projects right here.

Covered seating areas. Outdoor kitchens and bars are just some of the ways property owners all over Florida are joining the trend of creating wonderful outdoor living spaces. Covered seating areas is another. Pergolas, one of Broward Landscape’s many areas of expertise, are a type of gazebo and would quickly become the coolest spot at your home for friends and family to hang out. A pergola is a structure of vertical posts or pillars that support cross-beams and lattice, and sometimes has plants or vines growing up and around it.

As many landscaping elements are, pergolas are part form, part function. It will not only be a fabulous spot to spend time, it will also add visual pizzazz to your property and yes, increase your home’s value.

Here’s a photo gallery of some pergolas Broward Landscape has built for customers.

Fire pits. Fire pits are high on the wish list of many property owners as they design, create and install outdoor living spaces – even in Florida.  As a Parkland resident, for example, you may not need the “heat” a fire pit can provide, but you can always use the “warmth.”

Designed and installed with the expert and experienced touch of Broward Landscape, a fire pit can become the focal point of your backyard – an excellent spot to enjoy conversations and cocktails with your family and friends.

In addition to fire pits, fireplaces and fire bowls are other fire elements to consider for your outdoor living space, and you can read about the differences here. Also, check out some photos of Broward Landscape’s work on these features.

Whether you live in ParklandBoca RatonFort LauderdaleWestonCoral SpringsAventuraDeerfield BeachHighland BeachPinecrestBelle GladePompano or Delray Beach, Broward Landscape is your top choice for your high-end landscaping needs.

According to CEO Adam Baker, a native Floridian, Broward Landscape’s goal is to extend to every customer: competent employees who can communicate effectively; top-shelf lawn maintenance with uniformed employees and equipment; superior and unique landscape designs; use of healthy and eco-friendly materials; and unmatched customer service.

“This business is so much more than my livelihood, it’s my passion,” Baker says. “I still maintain my original 10 customers and first 2 employees. In addition, I have added new divisions in tree trimming, landscaping, and 4 local nurseries fully stocked for my customers use. It’s with great pleasure that I ask you for an opportunity to earn your business.”

Contact Broward Landscape online today or call them at 954.325.1111 (Broward) or 561.239.7753 (Palm Beach).  You’ll be glad you did.