Just cause its in my purse doesn't mean its mine!


After being busted for blow in Vegas this morning, Paris Hilton tried to use the same sorry-ass excuse she used when she got popped for smoking weed at the World Cup, “the purse wasn’t mine” says the heiress. That’s funny Paris; there was only one girl in the car and one purse in the car when your boyfriend got pulled over. What did you do? Accidentally pick up the wrong purse at the club and it just happened to have blow in it? OMG you poor baby… not. Let’s be serious here, what does Paris think the whole world is? Naive and gullible as her parents? Seriously, get a grip sweetheart; this is the real world, and you just got busted with Bolivian marching powder. If the whole “it wasn’t mine” excuse actually worked, the prisons would be empty! That’s the first thing every idiot says when he or she gets busted. This is the second time in her life Paris Hilton has found herself in some fairly serious trouble and acted like a total pussy about it. Grow some balls sister. If you’re going to party hardy, you gotta be able to man-up when ya get popped. I’m over all the crying and silly excuses. It just looks pathetic and weak. Everybody on the planet knows that the blow in question was yours, so own up to it. It’s not like you can’t buy your way out of trouble again…just call daddy!!