Mallory Grossman a 12-year-old student in New Jersey committed suicide after being bullied relentlessly online by several of her classmates. Diane Grossman, her mother, says that her daughter received vile and malicious messages, including insults, taunts and suggestions that the student should end her own life. According to the family’s attorney, “For months she was told she was a loser, she had no friends, and finally she was told, ‘Why don’t you kill yourself?’

Mallory’s parents had several meetings with Rockaway Township school district in New Jersey, where their daughter attended school. The Grossman’s pleaded with the school to help them end the bullying by several classmates that eventually led to their daughter’s death.

“I’m going to make the assumption the school did something, but I’m also going to make the assumption, based on where we are today, that they didn’t do enough,” Dianne Grossman said.

Now the Grossman’s attorney is filing a notice to sue the school for negligence, the family is also seeing if they should sue the parents of some of the students that were causing the bullying.

Do you agree that the school should be found responsible for the Grossman daughter’s death? Personally, I think a lot of the bullying now a days lies within online social media. 12-year-old’s are not mature enough to be on social media and that is why even Facebook suggests that users be at least 13 years old to join. Also it should be the parent’s responsibility to monitor what their kids are doing on social media, and if anything the Grossman’s should sue the parents of the kids doing the bullying as they were the main cause of their daughter’s death. The sad reality is that this is probably going to be an issue that will continue to happen as the world continues to be so dependant on social media.