Turns out that fat fuck Americans eat tons of horrible food, from corrupt food conglomerates, fed to them in dump truck size portions.

Who knew!?

Um, me! I knew. I’ve been preaching this shit on social media for years, and getting publicly crucified for it.

But now my big mouth is backed up by a study from the New England Journal of Medicine. How do you people like them apples!?

The new study says that almost 40% of Americans are currently obese. Worse off obesity is responsible for over 7% of deaths a year in this country.

Lastly, the study shows that with our calorie ridden diets, you can’t just work out to get in shape. You have to change the food your eating, and the portion size.

Take my advice people and cut your calories. You will feel and look great. I just did it and dropped twenty pounds in two months, it’s amazing!!!