For those who live in warm or temperate climates an outdoor kitchen can take a house from a home, a yard to a destination, and a hobby to a lifestyle.

With the kitchen well known as the heart of the home, outdoor kitchens have been increasing in popularity in recent years in a effort to bring that same heart outdoors.

This is never more true than in year-round warm cities and states such as Parkland, Florida and Redlands, California, where outdoor kitchens add to both family life and property value.

Take a look over on Pinterest, watch HGTV, or check out Better Homes & Gardens are you are bound to come across some stellar outdoor kitchen inspiration. These media outlets are well versed in the many positives of the outdoor kitchen lifestyle, for small yards to large yards and everything in between.

Why Outdoor Kitchens?

As of 2016, one of the major findings of the quarterly “Home Design Trends Survey” from the American Institute of Architects (AIA), was about the dramatically increasing demand for outdoor kitchens.

A chief economist from the AIA was quoted to say that outdoor kitchens add more functional space to a home, and therefor add more value for homeowners (Kitchen & Bath Design News).

While the trend to put time and money on the development of a great indoor kitchen has been true for many years, we are really just seeing the boom of outdoor kitchen development in the past couple of years.

Quicken Loans, major national mortgage lender, was quick to jump on the outdoor kitchen trend and offer some advice for their customers earlier this year. With the growth in popularity of outdoor kitchens, Quicken Loans writer, Allison Saunders, had a few tips and questions to focus on when considering how to best add value to your home.

The first key point was to consider what you can afford and what the estimated return on investment (ROI) is. In some areas, the ROI may be only 50 percent, meaning that it would be an investment that should be made not only to make a return.

In other parts of the country, again areas popular for outdoor activity such as South Florida and southern California, the ROI could reach up to 200%. Definitely do your research on this. Much of the costs for an outdoor kitchen go towards electric, gas, and water lines.

Quicken Loans is also quick to suggest careful consideration of the materials you choose for your outdoor kitchen, including finishes that match the quality and price-point of your home, and weather-appropriate materials.

Finally don’t forget to consider your priorities in a way you would similar to your indoor kitchen. Keep in mind the seating, counter top selection, or even something special like a pizza oven.

The Hottest Outdoor Kitchen Details

 The outdoor kitchen trends spans a huge variety of styles, price-points, and customization. From a stand-alone grill, with great seating, and lush landscaping to a completely state-of-the art custom outdoor kitchen with an outdoor fridge, built-in gas grill, and wood burning oven.

Regardless of the style that suites your space, taste, and budget, you can’t go wrong with a great table, comfortable seating, and an outdoor bar or bar cart.

Outdoor Kitchen trends

-An outdoor fire pit or fire place can also add a dose of cozy and get you outside even on chillier evenings.

-For those who want to prioritize the typical outdoor piece, the grill, a stylish vent hood can improve safety, cooking ability, and add great style to a covered or partially-encolsed outdoor kitchen.

-A full outdoor bar has also become really popular. With a sink, fridge, and plenty of seating, everyone will be ready to pull up a chair at your backyard bar.

-Others are creating a grill and bar combo to fit more into one space and bring people together for some fun and socialization.

-Pergolas have made a comeback and are often the prefect covering for an outdoor kitchen, outdoor dining space, or outdoor bar. They are classic and tend to hold up well to the elements.

-An outdoor kitchen or bar can be finished off with a TV or a few TVS, making it the perfect spot to prepare some food and watch the big game.

Local Outdoor Kitchen Spotlight – Parkland, Florida

Broward Landscaping has been responsible for some of the best outdoor living projects in South Florida. The company, also known for property maintenance and landscaping, are the experts in all things outdoor space.

They bring together art, architecture, and landscape design to create the perfect outdoor spaces for home owners of Parkland, Florida.

They offer extensive landscape design and a whole host of amazing outdoor living work. The team at Broward Landscape can work with you to create your dream outdoor kitchen, or even your entire dream outdoor space.

Some of the aspects of outdoor living Broward Landscape specializes in and can tie into your perfect outdoor kitchen include, exterior lighting, fire features, pergolas and arbors, living walls, and custom outdoor audio.

Broward Landscape likes to design outdoor kitchens that are stylish, practical, and most importantly – well utilized! They can match any style that fits you and your home, from rustic to modern. Check out some of the great photos of outdoor kitchens they have worked on here.

Broward Landscape can also help you decide with your team of experts where it would make most sense to build your outdoor kitchen.

For some homes and budgets building the outdoor kitchen right off the structure of the house itself will save time, space, and money, not to mention give easy access from the indoor space.

For others, it might make sense to set the kitchen a bit further away from the house, for example if you prefer to use a charcoal grill, have a pool, or are trying to create a themed at-home destination, such as a south Florida tiki bar.

Whatever you can dream up the team at Broward Landscaping would be honored to work with you and bring that dream to life.