There’s nothing more awesome than an outdoor kitchen to entertain your family and friends – especially when you live in Florida and its year-round gorgeous weather. An outdoor kitchen can turn ordinary, everyday meals into special occasions, and just imagine how fun it would be host your next dinner party while serving food from your wonderful new culinary addition on your deck or patio.

By installing an outdoor kitchen, you’ll be extending your home into your backyard.

In fact, many of the features in your outdoor kitchen are ones your used to enjoying in your indoor kitchen – with some exceptions, of course.

Broward Landscape will build for you the most beautiful outdoor kitchen you’ll ever dream of. Whether you live in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Coral Springs, Aventura, Deerfield Beach, Highland Beach, Parkland, Pinecrest, Belle Glade, Pompano or Delray Beach, Broward Landscape is your best choice.

Here are 10 ten ideas to consider for your new outdoor kitchen.

A gas grill. An essential element of any outdoor cooking experience, a gas grill allows you to fire up your burners and get cooking in no time. You won’t have to wait for the coals to get hot, worry about them burning out before everyone is fed or bother getting rid of the messy ashes later. Simply ignite, and within minutes, your steaks, burgers, chicken, fish and vegetables will be sizzling on the grill, the delicious smells whetting the appetites of your friends and family members who are enjoying the day and getting ready to eat.

Smoker. Let’s get this straight – there’s a big difference between grilling and barbecuing. In fact, they are complete opposites. Grilling is cooking at a high temperature for a short amount of time; barbecuing is cooking at a low temperature for a long period of time. The best barbecue comes from smokers, so having a smoker as part of your outdoor kitchen is a must for any barbecue lover. Smoked ribs, smoked wings, smoked pork chops, smoked brisket, smoked fish – all amazing culinary creations your friends and family will adore.

Prep surface. Just as you appreciate spacious counter tops in your kitchen, you’ll want some prep space for your outdoor kitchen. You’ll need a place to slice your fruit, chop your veggies and plate your food, so a nice prep surface is an essential element of your new outdoor addition.

Refrigerator. You’ll want an assortment of cold refreshments to wash down the delicious food coming off your grill or out of your smoker, so make sure your outdoor kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator. You won’t have to lug ice and coolers for your water, soda and drink mixers – you’re not in college anymore, after all. Your outdoor kitchen will include a fridge that is perfectly sized to look great and to have plenty of room for all your cold beverages.

Bar. What’s a dinner party without cocktails? Not much of a dinner party, really. So a bar is an essential element of your outdoor kitchen. What’s your libation pleasure? A gin and tonic, perhaps? Or may a bourbon and ginger, a margarita or a rum and coke. Whatever your choice, you’ll be able to pour it right in your own backyard.

Sink. Yes, it’ll take some plumbing work, but your outdoor kitchen is indeed a kitchen, so you’ll want a sink for all the reasons you have one in the kitchen in your home.

Pizza oven. If you’ve never had a pizza from a pizza oven, trust us when we tell you, it’s the best homemade pizza you’ll ever taste. As if came from the finest pizzeria in Naples, a pie from your outdoor pizza oven will wow your and your guest’s taste buds with every bite.

A pizza oven will also add a unique social element to your outdoor dining festivities.

“The number one item that current owners of outdoor kitchens regretted leaving out was a pizza oven,” said June Savage, a Coral Gable realtor (via “Backyard pizza ovens serve as a gathering place for guests to participate in the food prep process. It’s what I call ‘kitchen karaoke.’”

Seating. You’ll need a place to sit and dine, of course, as well as to enjoy pre- and post-meal cocktails and conversation. Just like when you’re decorating the interior of your home, there are virtually endless options to choose from to make your outdoor kitchen exactly what you envision, and the experienced folks at Broward Landscape can help guide you through which options might work best for you.

Pavilion, trellis or pergola. A pavilion, trellis or pergola can protect your outdoor kitchen and your guests from the weather, whether it’s the hot Florida sun and a sudden rain storm. You can also spruce up the aesthetics of your new space with one of these beautiful features.

Television. If you and your family and friends are sports fans, a television is must for your outdoor kitchen. Weekends in the fall are replete with football, so don’t miss a snap when you’re entertaining your friends outdoors. Or throw an outdoor Super Bowl or March Madness party that’s second to none and probably unlike anything your friends have experienced before.

Whether your choose all of these features or just some of them – or perhaps you have your own ideas about what an outdoor kitchen should be like – give the good people at Broward Landscape a call. They will install for you the most wonderful outdoor kitchen you can imagine.

Broward Landscape’s passion to design, install and maintain properties are visible in all its workmanship, and that passion will shine through in the project at your home.

“This business is so much more than my livelihood, it’s my passion,” says Adam Baker, who started Broward Landscape nearly three decades ago. “Twenty-seven years later, I still maintain my original 10 customers and first 2 employees. “

Check out Adam and his team’s outdoor kitchen work right here and also be sure to watch their videos!