Get your AFTERBURN only at Orange Theory Fitness!

By Ellen Latham M.S. A stunning NEW FITNESS STUDIO opened off the 17th street Causeway in Ft. Lauderdale that utilizes the exact same training techniques used to get celebrities in sinfully seductive shape, and guess what?  It is now available to all of us non-celeb types! If you are out of shape, hitting a workout plateau or are just tired of the same old gym routine that has not shown any significant results, THE ORANGE THEORY WORKOUT is for you.  The innovative state-of-the-art group class studio opened on March 17th and WOW! What a buzz it has already created. For the kickoff, 20 local residents entered a contest to be a part of a 6 week program to demonstrate the effects of ORANGE THEORY FITNESS. Just after four sessions, the male contestants are averaging a 10 lb. weight loss and the women a 5 lb. weight loss.  From the mouth of an ORANGE THEORY weight loss contestant, “Finally a workout that walks the walk and not just talks the talk!” The winner of the contest will receive a $5,000 check sponsored by Massage Envy of the Harbor Shoppes. What makes ORANGE THEORY FITNESS crushingly different? The workout is one extreme hour of diverse components formulated by an Exercise Physiologist, creating intensely profound results. Each class is a group class lead by a licensed, motivated, ORANGE THEORY coach.  You will be doing intervals on a treadmill, if you have any health issues that restrict you from the treadmill our coaches will adjust the class – this leaves no excuses!  The ORANGE THEORY objective is to get your heart rate over 85% for 12-20 minutes.  Don’t panic, this won’t happen all at once.   Interval times are done in 1 to 3 minutes ranges, allowing you to experience the ORANGE EFFECT also known as the AFTERBURN.  AFTERBURN is why celebrities get such astounding results when they workout. Your ORANGE THEORY experience will consist of:

  • A period on the water rower where the newest rowers on the market simulate what the rowers on the river are experiencing.  Have you ever seen rower’s muscles?FLAWLESS. Rowing is the number one, non-impact total body workout, followed by swimming and cross country skiing.
  • You will then use the TRX SUSPENSION SYSTEM. These are straps that hang from the ceiling and when in use, force you to exploit your stability muscles.  These muscles must be kept in shape if you have any desire to age gracefully.
  • Next, you’ll complete single and multi-joint muscle work using dumbbells, bands and benches which will increase your metabolism and give you the despicably stunning sculpt that you want.
  • Finally, core and abdominal work that will leave your mid-section screaming yet tightened and toned in a matter of time. Combining all of these training techniques into one workout creates the BEST WORKOUT IN THE COUNTRY.

This workout confuses your metabolic system and muscles and with a passionate trainer and the friendly competition simulated within a group class, you will see the tremendous results. ORANGE THEORY FITNESS offers convenience for everybody. There are over 50 classes a week, starting as early as 5:30 am with last call at 8pm and offers convenient Saturday and Sunday classes. There is also an Orange Theory Workout for 7-12 year olds that will create a super fitness level in your child for life. The average woman will burn 500-800 calories and average man 700-1200 calories in a one hour class, but keep in mind the most important part of this workout is the AFTERBURN.  This is the ONLY workout of its kind.  You do not get AFTERBURN after a spin class or a jog around the block, or by getting on the treadmill at your gym. The lesson plan has to be specially designed and strategically implemented to facilitate AFTERBURN. The ORANGE THEORY is based on the physiology that your body will need MORE FUEL to get back to its original resting state.  The interval training causes this to occur thereby increasing your metabolism. After one ORANGE THEORY session your body will continue burning calories for up to 38 hours.  During this process your hormones become rebalanced and cellular repair takes place.  Your body will break down stored fat to be burned for energy. What does this all mean? YOU ARE BURNING MORE FAT AND YOU’RE NOT EVEN EXERCISING!!!!! Setting aside the science behind the ORANGE THEORY workout, it is a blast being lead by a coach and NOT A HORRIBLE SCREAMING BOOT CAMP INSTRUCTOR with fantastic new equipment and the best music in town. Classes are filling quickly.  Call now for your FREE SESSION 954-765-6014 or book a class online at www.orangetheoryfitness.comEllen Latham M.S. is co-owner of Orange Theory Fitness Orange Theory Fitness is located in the Harbor Shops next to Coco’s at 1835 Cordova Road Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316