Operation Fast and Furious was a plan that allowed over two thousand guns from the United States to be smuggled into Mexico so that they could wind up in the hands of the members of the drug cartels. The idea seemed to be that perhaps the guns would be recovered guns at crime scenes. And it worked. The Obama administration must be congratulated on another well thought out well executed scheme This idea seems to have worked out exactly as planned and must be considered a success. Guns from the United States were recovered at many crime scenes just as the administration wanted them to be.
One particular crime scene was in the United States and Border Agent Brian Terry was killed. Two guns that were allowed to be smuggled into Mexico were found at the scene.

When questioned at a congressional hearing held on May 3, 2011, Attorney General Eric Holder claimed he was unaware of this plan,

“I’m not sure of the exact date, but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first
time over the last few weeks.”

That would mean that Holder is claiming that he had never known about Operation Fast and Furious before April or May of 2011.

Apparently this is not true. Sharyl Attkisson of CBS reported that Holder began receiving frequent memos about the program as far back as July in 2010. That is approximately ten months before he claimed to have known about this plan. If Holder knew about the operation before he claimed to and lied about it he must resign or be fired.

During the Bush administration there was an operation called “Wide Receiver,” that allowed straw purchasers to buy guns for use in Mexico. The difference between the two programs was that under Operation Wide Receiver, RFID tracking devices were placed and surveillance aircraft was used to follow the guns. Operation Wide Receiver was a failure because some of the RFID tracking devices failed and were not installed properly. Additionally, the surveillance failed because the smugglers outsmarted the ATF by driving around for hours while being tracked by the planes. When the planes had to return for fuel the smugglers crossed into Mexico and some 450 guns made their way there. The operation was shut down in 2007. This failure makes it even more puzzling why Operation Fast and Furious was even undertaken.