A San Francisco medical marijuana dispensary plans to give away a sweet, green “Freebie”.

For every home run the Giants hit during the World Series, ReLeaf Herbal Center is offering Giants fans present at the pot shop one free joint.

The ReLeaf Herbal Center Medical Dispensary prides itself on providing the best “medical marijuana expertise, experience and a friendly, welcoming environment,” according to its website.

So, to further bolster team spirit, ReLeaf is also offering — at a discount — a special bright orange strain of marijuana and a THC-infused orange drink called “Giant Punch.”

The Giants play the Rangers in Game 1 of the World Series tonight at AT&T Park.

Giants ace Tim Lincecum, who’s no stranger to pot after being cited for marijuana possession last year, will face Rangers ace Cliff Lee in tonight’s matchup.

So light one up, and play ball. I can’t wait for the 7th inning stretch n’ toke!