Well it seems that not even killing an Oklahoma county sheriff and landing in prison for 30 years was going to keep Justin Lee Walker off of Facebook.

How did he do it you may ask. His Blackberry, of course. Yes. He had Facebook and a cell phone!

Prison officials don’t know how he got his hands on a BlackBerry (ummm, how about smuggled in by one of the guards), but authorities in Oklahoma say a man serving 30 years for killing a sheriff created and has been posting to his Facebook page.

Walker shot and killed a county sheriff during a burglary back in 2001.

You were probably figuring this would be a great way to see into the mind of a killer! Or at least find out that his likes are chocolate chip ice cream and Modern Family…just like you!

Damn, you’re out of luck. First, the page has been taken down. Second, it turns out Walker’s postings are just as boring as everyone’s on Facebook.

Walker’s page, aka “Jus N Walk,” featured deep thoughts like quoting Tupac, “me against the world,” and even funnier, tales of long shower lines and sleeping until noon.

The pictures are where it is all at though. He really knows how to “prison pose”.

Corrections officers also found weed in Walker’s cell. Both violations will add time to Walker’s already lengthy sentence, but he probably doesn’t even give a sh*t. He’s been segregated from his fellow inmates as prison officials further investigate the incident.