Ohio school shooter T.J. Lane has been sentenced to consecutive sentences of life without parole, and additional sentences totaling 37 years, for the rampage shooting that left several students wounded and three dead. The death penalty was off the table because of Lane’s age at the time of the crimes, according to prosecutors.

On Tuesday, Lane appeared in court wearing a t-shirt with the words “killer” written on it. Prosecutor Jim Flaiz told CNN after the judge ordered Lane to spend the rest of his life in prison without parole, “What he did was beyond anything I could envision seeing in a courtroom, I was shocked and disgusted at how the defendant conducted himself.”

Lane smiled and smirked during much of the hearing, laughing when Flaiz described him as an “evil person”.

Several of the victims’ families made statements to Lane, describing the pain and loss they felt to both their families and community. Dana Parmertor, the mother of Daniel Parmertor, who was one of the students killed in the shooting, looked up at Lane and called him a “weak, pathetic vile coward”.  She added: “If I had my choice, you would die an extremely slow, torturous death.”