NBC Chicago – The clothes don’t make the woman, but a t-shirt did make for a 48-hour stay in jail. A Round Lake Park woman was held in contempt after a judge found the slogan on her shirt inappropriate for court, according to the Lake County News-Sun. Jennifer LaPenta’s shirt read: “I have the pussy, so I make the rules.” Associate Judge Helen Rozenburg begged to differ with the 19-year-old and sentenced her to jail time, but LaPenta contends it wasn’t fair because she was only a visitor. She said she was at the gym when a friend asked for a ride to the courthouse. She escorted the friend dressed in the t-shirt and sweatpants, and before she knew it, officers were cuffing her. “They just threw me in jail. They never told me what I was going to jail for,” LaPenta, who said the ordeal was humiliating, told the paper. “They should be out looking for people who are breaking the law, not arresting someone wearing a T-shirt.” LaPenta’s lawyer said he may bring a civil case, but first he’ll sit down with Judge Rozenburg.

Oh that’s just great…First the wife beater gets a bad wrap, now the girl version is causing a stir and sending a fine upstanding woman to jail. I tell yah, it takes a lot of balls to wear a shirt like that into court. You, of course, possessing both. But you’re right sister; you do make the rules, and apparently they are your own. It was so nice of you stop doing crunches and give your friend a ride to the Lake County Court though, and I don’t see what the big fuss is over a shirt that says “Pussy.” It’s not like you actually believe the pussy shirt, do you? The pussy shirt doesn’t force men against their will into taking out the trash, does it? Besides beating up that pussy, did anyone cause any actual crimes over this pussy shirt? No. So then no harm, no foul.  Unless the man who is hittin that is so scared of you that he needs to wear a tee shirt like that as well.. I mean, there might be a shortage of pink haired, beer bellied, ice-coffee drinking trailer girls out there in America, but globally there are over 3.5 billion actual vaginae. So why did the judge single you out? I think she was jealous because you wore that shirt into her house and threatened her position as the supreme bitch. I have a better slogan for your next t-Shirt. “Willing to bump uglies if you buy me Newports and gas for my Nissan Sentra on the daily.” It’s a lot more PC, and it sets up your demographics too! I mean, girls are the same everywhere, right? Some just do it differently. Those college girls that wear black stretch pants, Ugg boots, plaid shirts; have a Gucci bag in one hand and a pink fucking blackberry in the other. Yeah, they are the silver spoon version of you. Maybe that is a good rebuttal for your, haha, civil case, and you can convince Justice Rozenburg that you are just trying to be original like them. Good luck to you, the official Pussy Shirt Girl, and “Jam out with your clam out,” as they say and just do you, girlfriend.