Here we go another dirty cop, this time fully caught on camera by a group of kids. The story goes that the group of kids ages 13 to 14 were walking home from school when one of the girls stepped on the grass of the off-duty cop’s home. The cop called the girl a cunt telling her to get off his lawn. That’s when 13-year-old boy named Christian told the cop to respect the girl. The cop then grabbed the kid by his clothes and started dragging him across several lawns into his lawn. The other kids all witnessing and video taping what was happening kept telling the cop to let the kid go. The cop said the kid told him he was going to shoot him but the 13-year-old boy Christian told him “I didn’t say that I said I was going to sue you.”

The cop never lets go of the Christian and then is rushed by some of the kids trying to free his friend from the cop, that’s when the cop then pulled out a guy and shoot towards the group of kids. Thankfully none of the kids were hurt!

Two of the kids including Christian were arrested, BUT THE COPS DID NOT ARREST THE OFF-DUTY COP! This is outright discrimination against these kids and not arresting the cop for kidnapping and attempted murder.

Last night people took to the streets to protest outside the officer’s home before taking to the streets of Anaheim. The police officer has been put on administrative leave, according to the LA Police Department. Two of the boys arrested including Christian have been released to their parents.

It’s time we get justice for dirty cops, who the fuck does this piece of shit off-duty cop thinks he is. For one he’s a cop he’s there to protect and serve our community, two he’s a grown ass man fighting with a thirteen year old child who is more mature then him only asking the cop to respect the girl! HE NEEDS TO BE FIRED AND ARRESTED!!!!



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