As you can probably tell...'Gingers' can only congregate at night.

We have all seen the horror movies….You have “Attack of the frogs, piranhas, ants, killer tomatoes, shit I’ve even seen one about killer rabbits! But nothing…I mean nothing could prepare you or I for the horror that is lurking when the “Gingers” decide to rally together…and ATTACK!

The good news is, that this photo shows these gingers to be mild mannered, and not looking to cause any harm to us. If you have no idea what a “GINGER” is, it is best described as a pigmentally challenged person who not only is pale, but usually has freckles, red hair, and according to South Park have no soul!

On a personal note while I have your attention, I have never been a big fan of read headed women. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re hot, you’re hot and none of that really matters. That being said, this is one case where you probably don’t want the curtains to match the drapes. I mean who really wants to f*ck Lucille Ball’s stunt double?!?!