Now this is how you do it. About to get caught in a high speed chase and busted for transporting cocaine? Fuck it. Go out with a bang, Tony “Scarface” Montana style. Dump the bag over your head. At least when you are in the holding cell you can pull a gagger or two out of your hair and ears…  

As a matter of fact…Here is a good list of things not to do if you are in possession of illegal drugs….  

• DO NOT drive down the street setting off illegal fireworks from a bucket on the hood where the fireworks are held in place in by 9 inches of cocaine.
• DO NOT make the drop naked in public, or ensconced in some kind of sauce
• DO NOT use an ice cream truck as your vehicle while broadcasting the 31 flavors of crack you have in the back
• DO NOT set up a cocaine stand on a street corner
• DO NOT carry the drugs around in a Zip-loc baggy or on some kind of serving platter
• DO NOT use
a shotgun as an advertising tool
• DO NOT put off your drug run briefly so you can force a busload of nuns off the road, then board the bus and punch each of the nuns in the face
• DO NOT post drug selling hours on a sign on your lawn
• DO NOT go to Cafepress to design a “I have 50kg of cocaine in my trunk” shirt that you will wear when driving around with your 50kg of cocaine in you trunk
• DO NOT ask the police if they’d mind watching your car to make sure no one steals the drugs in your trunk while you pop into Starbucks
• DO NOT charm police by saying “what’s that behind your ear?” before pulling out a baggie of crack
• DO NOT ask police if you can store a little of your giant pile of cocaine in their asses for later
• DO NOT use some of your profit to get a custom paint job on your car that includes bikini chicks snowboarding down a cocaine mountain with the words “Coke Express” airbrushed across the driver’s door and the hood.
• DO NOT roll a toddler in cocaine to pretend he’s a ghost