The economy really sucks out there. Jobs are scarce, and good paying jobs are even more so. So what does a young couple struggling to make ends meet do to support their 20-month-old daughter? How about try amateur porn?

Berkley, 21, and Tyler, 25, have no previous experience in the adult industry, nor any long-term dreams to become porn stars. But for now, hey, it’s a job, they say. A job that rakes in $1,000 a week.

It certainly beats the tips Berkley took home while working as a part-time cocktail waitress at a nightclub.- Add that with the sub $350 a week Tyler was pulling in doing odd jobs, and the amateur porn became a no-brainer.

“That first night, within 30 minutes we had made $300,” Tyler said. “I was like, ‘I’m done with a normal 40-hour work week.'”

Five nights a week, the pair shed their clothes and put on a hot live sex show via webcam – hoping for high online traffic.

Their bedroom transforms into a low end porn set – even as the baby sleeps in a room upstairs. Never far from the webcam is a baby monitor, the volume turned low. (No word on if one has to pay more to hear the baby cry in the background while they smoosh.)

Viewers pay up to $8 per minute to watch Berkley and Tyler get it on. While the hosting websites take 75 percent of the earnings, what’s left is still a good chunk of cash – enough to convince the couple to pick up where they left off the next night.

“When we can make the money quick, we do,” Tyler said.

All the sex shows have the couple admitting the webcam sessions are starting to take a physical toll.

“Having sex off and on for two, three hours, it’s kind of hard,” Berkley said. “Especially the kind they want – rough. So it wears on you on lot.”

Another unfortunate side effect is the couple says it’s difficult for them to find intimacy when the webcam’s not rolling. Tyler even calls the late-night taping a “total sex killer.”

“Because it is a job for us to have sex with one another, sex outside of work doesn’t really happen” he said.

Still, Berkley and Tyler insist they’re trying to lead a normal life – even suggesting the amateur porn gig is actually a stepping stone to a better path.

“This kind of job is helping us get closer and closer to college,” Tyler said. “We just want to be normal. That’s what our goal is to be – as normal as possible.”

Well, here’s the news folks, you left normal a long time ago. Wait till you gotta tell the little one about your porn pasts. It will be interesting to see how normal that kid becomes.