The King Of Pop is dead. May he – and his victims – rest in peace Welcome to the BeachFront News BILLION DOLLAR ISSUE! I’m not much into numerology (or most other “ologies,” for that matter), but I remember reading somewhere in one of the books belonging to my late mom (who was into numerology, and most other ologies) that the number “11” is aPower Number (like the number “23,” which, added together, equals “5,” which has all those pentacle, Pentagon, pentagram, Illuminati, Jim Carrey, and other weird connections). This is our 11th Issue, and we’re feeling pretty powerful (I’m talking powerful, like the stench emanating from The Prodigy’s car), with a new section devoted strictly to HEALTH, and the usual strong content (news, sports, entertainment, tech and Zarrelli’s fave, science) you’ve come to expect (see how demanding you are). And there’s everything you ever hoped to find out about that nebulous number with all the zeroes (nine of them, to be exact): a BILLION. The Independence Day Bash at Bahia Cabana was a huge success, and thanks as ever to our great sponsors, including BUDWEISER. Catch us on July 24th for the prestigious Las Olas Fashion Show at the Samba Room. We have made the decision this month, editorially, to spotlight the passing of Michael Jackson. This was something we agonized about, frankly. While there’s no denying the impact he had on the culture, and the planet for that matter, there’s a sense that the entire world stood still for the days of coverage of his passing, funeral (he was buried, right?), and the borderline grotesquesness of the memorial (particularly the weirdness of the tribute gloves, and Jermaine doing his part to supercede his dad as the uber-villain of the Jackson Family – remember. it was him who brought in the notorious Bloods as “bodyguards” to his brother – and to intimidate potential witnesses in the criminal cases against Michael), and that a “tribute” within these pages would add to the hysteria. Then, too, there is the lasting echo of his alleged victims, and the justice they will never get. I don’t want to make this a forum for did-he-or-didn’t-he (although feel free to email me how bone-headed you think I am at, but that also gave us pause. In the end, there’s not a person who has been influenced by the pop culture (from the hundreds of entertainers who emulate him, to you and me singing Off the Wall in our cars during Friday afternoon rush hour) who hasn’t somehow been touched (no pun intended) by Michael Jackson. And, in much the same fashion as TIME magazine, which has featyred evertone from JFK to FDR to Hitler and Osama on their covers, we’ve turned part of our pages to reflect, rage, smile and sing about the King of Pop. One thing we can all agree on is that he was a sad, restless, and , in many respects, a tortured soul. May he – and his victims – rest in peace. ON TO THE ISSUE: In addition to our BILLION DOLLAR spectacular, we’ve got a new Eastside Flavor, wherein J Chancellor takes you inside one of South Florida’s most delicious – and best kept – secrets, the Chef’s Palette at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale; the LOST Team is back, and this time they’re close to home (we think), with a look at the Best that Miami has to offer. We’ve got a brand new South Florida Philosophy – and if you’ve ever wonder why 2d2gc writes under an assumed name, this will answer that question (you think YOU have people who hate you).Our Michael Jackson coverage extends to The Underbelly, where we bring back some classics that’ll bring a smile to your face (and maybe a tear to your eye). Boomer Editor