With less than twenty days left in Obama’s presidency, he has decided to end the long-standing wet-foot dry-foot law that allowed Cubans to seek citizenship if they reached US soil. This has alarmed many Cubans while it has also relieved many of them as well. Some Cubans feel betrayed, why would Obama decide to end this policy so close to his term? Yet how long are Cubans going to be the privileged group, while many other Latin American countries are suffering and eating shit and there is no refugee for them.

The truth is that the wet-foot dry-foot law became more than just a way for Cubans to escape the horrible conditions of Cuba and Castro’s dictatorship, it became a way for them to come to the United States gain the benefits paid by the taxes of hard-working people and instead of contributing to this country they then take that money back to Cuba. That wasn’t what the policy was set for and yet last year our country spent $680 million in Cuban benefits.

With Obama opening up the relationship between Cuba and the United States many felt that it was time to end this long-standing policy. “By taking this step, we are treating Cuban migrants the same way we treat migrants from other countries,” Obama wrote in a statement Thursday. Cuba has also agreed to take back any Cubans that reach US soil and are turned back. Years ago when they policy came into place, Castro said that the policy encourages Cubans to make the dangerous crossing from Cuba to Florida.

The question now remains what will happen to the policy once Trump takes place as the President? Will he keep Obama’s decision to end the policy and betray the thousands of Cubans that supported him in his campaign? He also promised that he would make changes to immigration and this would be a huge start. If he let’s the policy stay in place and reverse Obama’s decision will he be a hypocrite? Then we have to think about all the Cubans that are already in transition to the US, what will become of them? Many of them sold everything they had to come here.

It’s a difficult situation and one that many are going to be watching closely.