I guess this gives a whole new meaning to the term shirts vs skins. Marissa Miller, who is one of the hottest models on the planet, has done a photo shoot where she is playing basketball topless. Yes, there is a God, even though I’m most likely not going to meet Him and I’m going straight to hell for posting this. The Victoria’s Secret/Sports Illustrated cover girl is quite the sight on the hard wood. We here at the Chronicle have been trying to clean it up a little bit on the site by not showing frontal nudity as much, but when I showed my boss these shots, he said I would not only be fired but I would be drawn and quartered for not posting them. What I really want to know is why did she do this shoot? Was she obsessed with the NBA Finals back in June or was she looking for a quick game of Horse. It kinda seems like it wasn’t a professional shoot at all and she just took her top off and started knockin down jump shots. I’m sure our Chronic Cronies will enjoy the court-side view of this and for my boss’ sake, as Manny Pacquiao says, “millions of hits.”  For more Marissa Miller, go to our friends at [Egotastic]