Those in the Libertarian party are not happy after mega-site, and soon to be corporate shill, Facebook decided to yank an ad designed to promote the party’s support for marijuana legalization. Facebook initially gave the ad the green light in July, but days later the approval was revoked.

The crazy part is that the ad was simple and subtle. It featured an image of the Libertarian Party logo atop a marijuana leaf and described the party as “The only political party advocating complete legalization of marijuana”.

A press release issued by the party described the ad as “highly successful”. This is not the first time Facebook has deleted marijuana-related content. Similar advertisements by the groups Just Say Now and the District of Columbia’s Patient’s Cooperative have also been removed from the site.

Facebook has openly banned the promoting of smoking products, tobacco products, and marijuana. Advocates working to legalize the “drug” acknowledge this fact, but they argue that the ads are designed to promote change in drug policy, not to encourage Facebook members to use the substance. As if that really needs to be explained.

Oh, and this just in…let’s get a count of how much coke and weed Zuckerberg and crew have done, and I bet still do, as they enjoy their millions!!!