Surprise, Surprise…Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger wins the Dancing With The Stars competition! If you ask me, she had an unfair advantage…SHE’S A PERFORMER LADIES AND GENTS! She dances and sings for her profession. Supposedly ballroom dancing is different, but a trained dancer can dance anywhere, with any partner and in any style! The worst thing about this faux pas was that she actually acted surprised! She has been critized for her incredulity when in reality, on every single episode she landed number one on the charts, and it was obvious and quite predictable that she would eventually win the competition. Rumors have surfaced that Nicole would return to DWTS next season as a professional dancer; however, during an interview with Nicole and her partner Derrick it was revealed that although he loves Nicole, she is not THAT good! Even so, her lifelong love of singing and performing undoubtedly contributed to her victory and gave her a definite advantage to the actresses, sportscaster, football player, comedian, reality star, astronaut and even figure skater whom she defeated. Plain old UNFAIR if you ask me!

Evan Lysacek: Runner-up Evan Lysacek has traded his dancing shoes for skates as he took the center ice in Seattle on Saturday night. While Evan has been skating his whole life, he has not been accustomed to dancing as Nicole has. His skills on the dance floor may have been influenced by the rhythm he learned while skating; however, the new ballroom dancing moves were completely unaccustomed to him. Naturally, he was a wonderful performer and a pleasure to watch, and he will now return to life as usual, finally getting a well deserved break since he has been working, without a day off, ever since the Olympics.

Erin Andrews: Although Erin Andrews was the first of three to be eliminated on the season finale, she has definitely won more than just a DWTS trophy. In an interview after the elimination, Erin revealed that she came to the show under “crumby” circumstances and that the show and more importantly, her partner, have helped put her life together. Erin and her partner, Maks, have reportedly began a “real-life” romantic relationship and boy do I hope so! Not only did their performances scream sexuality, but you could see the connection between the two during the episodes and especially on the finale. Andrews has reported that the show will make her a better reporter, and as she goes back to her life at ESPN, I know we all hope to hear updates about her relationship with Maks…wouldn’t that just be the fairy tale ending to the DWTS season!

Chad Ochocinco: After being voted off the the show on Tuesday, Chad is now returning to his day-to-day life as a football star. To everyone’s amazement, Chad was still in the competition with dancing sensations Erin Andrews, Evan Lyseck, and Nicole Scherzinger and the episode before the season finale. He turned out to be a graceful (and oh-so sexy) dancer, who became a fan favorite on the show. As spring training appraoches, Chad has been associated with many fundraisers: one in particular involving a young homeless child, named Ruben St. Hilaire, Jr., who currently lives at a homeless center with his mother in New York City. Celebrities receive thousands of cards and letters on a daily basis from fans asking for gifts and autographs. After Chad received a letter from Ruben, asking for a signed autograph and revealing that Chad was his rolemodel in life, the football star (along with Dion Sanders) made it a point to answer Ruben’s dreams. As a part of the Children Mending Hearts fundraiser, Dion and Chad paid for Ruben to go to football camp and appeared in NYC to visit him. Looks like football, dancing, and ladies are not Chad Ochocinco’s only hobbies these days!

Neicy Nash: Comedian Niecy Nash is among the DWTS contestants that believe Nicole was “too good” for the competition. The show is about celebrities partnering with professional dancers. It’s about growth and the process of becoming a great ballroom dancer. When a competitor has an enormous advantage over the rest, it is no longer a fair and balanced competition. Niecy has commented that she believes a dancer, like Nicole, was too good to have participated among amateurs, and she had a leg-up coming on the show, as she was used to dancing and performing for her profession as a pop star. All jokes aside, the competitors seem to be pissed at Nicole’s abilities as a performer! How fun is a competition when you know exactly who is going to win? While Niecy has been interviewed making such comments, she also revealed how much fun she had on DWTS, how she loved her partner, and while she embraces her “big-girl” appearance, how great she feels after dancing for weeks on the competition.

Pamela Anderson: Pam was known in the competition and by the judges as the sex-pot who brought wonderful characterization to her dances. One of the judges, Bruno, even revealed that he would love to see Pam on Broadway! While she didn’t make it to the end, she was still a pleasure to watch throughout the competition, and who needs a mirror-ball trophy when you could have a quartet of golden mirror balls? Recently, artist Marc Quinn crafted the pair of shiny, open-armed Baywatch babes for his show about people who’ve transformed themselves. Her ta-tas have again and again been the center of conversation, pornography, art and even some low-brow form of literature, but now, they are actually some tits made of gold!

Jake Pavelka: Reality star, Jake Pavelka, is best known for his appearance on The Bachelor, where he proposed to fiance Vienna Girardi. Unfortunately for Jake, he was voted off after his performance during the sock-hop. Throughout the competition he was praised for his efforts: however overly boisterous and dramatic those efforts may have been! He tried hard and commented that DWTS was a wonderful experience. He has gone back to his day-to-day as a fiance and pseudo-celebrity! Looking to give back to the community, Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi were spotted getting their hands dirty with Habitat for Humanity in Pacoima, California on Saturday, May 22. The “Bachelor Gives Back” build site looked exciting and the San Fernando/Santa Clarita Valleys Women Empowerment joined the project to build a home for a troubled family.
Kate Gosselin: Kate was undeniably the most controversial contestant on Dancing with the Stars this season. Not only were there rumors going around of her snotty-ness, but while behind the scences, Kate was also overly dramatic. She was tagged for her sporadic lack of effort, and her persona was one of overall bitchy-ness. Fellow contestants revealed that Kate used her bodyguard while onset. When producers wanted to speak to Kate, she would make them go through her bodyguard. Not only that, she was rude to her partner, Tony, who God bless his soul, put up with her psycho ass! Maybe she is suffering from early menopause after having 10,000 children because there is absolutely no other excuse for acting as bitchy and emotional on live television. She says she put in her all, but after watching the episodes, it is obvious that she was distracted during most of her rehearsals! One thing she didn’t lack…the ability to stir up trouble!!! Kate now is home, with her litter of kids, filming the episodes to her new show, Kate plus 8, that will film throughout this summer.
Aiden Turner: The British stud, best known for his role as Aidan Devane on All My Children, followed in the footsteps of other ABC soap stars like Kelly Monaco and Cameron Mathison on DWTS. This sexy stud (with the even sexier accent) put his all in the competition yet was eliminated half-way through, as his moves were no where near as stunning as his amazing looks! Aiden was seen at the 17th Annual Race to Erase MS event, co-chaired by Nancy Davis and Tommy Hilfiger at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on May 25. He will continue to attend charity events, and his good looks and sweet, proper, disposition are sure to take him far!
Buzz Aldrin and Shannen Doherty were the first two to be voted off the show. Shannen was known for her inability to get along with fellow actors on the ’90s hit Beverly Hills 90210, and since the era of flannel, she has had a difficult time breaking away from her bad girl attitude and reputation. While Shannen was not nearly as horrible as cute old Buzz the astronaut, America just did not vote for her — possibly because of her reputation. In tears, Shannen revealed that it was one of her father’s dreams to watch her dance, and she fulfilled his wishes. Of course, post-DWTS finale, Shannen is one of the contestants hating on Nicole’s victory, saying Nicole had an unfair advantage. Surprise, Shannon is a shit talker, like we didn’t already know she would be one of the girls hating on the pussycat doll…Shannen should just stop, she was on the show for a day! And let’s not forget Buzz, one of the first men to walk on the moon! The cute old man, accompanied by his wife, standing by each episode, was honored to be a part of DWTS, and we were equally honored to watch his appearance on the show! This season was filled with ups and downs, but throughout it all, Nicole was the predictable winner…hopefully next season will be equally as entertaining but much more fair!