Unlike the AFC’s Kansas City Chiefs, there was no sight of a comeback in this one. The San Francisco 49ers walked into the championship game after an amazing regular season. Jimmy Garoppolo took the head of this team after being under the study of Tom Brady for the past few years. With him at the charge, their running game looking better than ever and their defense being in top tier levels, the 49ers are having one of their best seasons in decades. They marched into this game with confidence and came out the winner with even more.


San Fran in the Post-Season


San Francisco started there post-season this year with a match against the Minnesota Vikings. In a very one-sided match, the 49ers took the lead and kept it. They wanted to display their strength in the playoffs and they sure did. Kirk Cousins and Dalvin Cook did their best to streamline the offense. However, the 49ers defense truly showed how overpowering they can be. They shut down the run game, sacked Cousins six times and even forced an interception. It may be noted that San Francisco did have a bye week to prepare. However, this much of a dominating performance is definitely more than just a bye week would prepare them for.


49ers Dominate the Competition


After their dominant performance against the Minnesota Vikings, you’d think the NFC Championship game would prove to be more difficult. However, the 49ers showed up in impressive fashion once again. They absolutely destroyed the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship. In this game they barely even used Jimmy Garoppolo. Raheem Mostert had one of his best games with 220 rushing yards and four touchdowns! San Francisco just showed off their unstoppable run game towards Green Bay. In stellar fashion, the 49ers claimed their spot in the Superbowl and will be playing the Kansas City Chiefs!