Advice: Don't Show Up to Court with Weed

Ricky Hefflin the courthouse pot dealer...

Apparently that didn’t occur to Atlanta, Georgia native Ricky Hefflin because that’s exactly what he did. Hefflin showed up to the Fulton County courthouse in ATL, with what police described as a huge bulge in his pocket. Hefflin was then stopped going through the courthouse metal detectors and asked to empty out the suspicious pocket to which he replied, “I don’t have anything”. Police continued to pressure Hefflin, who finally buckled and emptied out 19, $20 bags of marijuana onto the table. Hefflin was then, of course, booked by courthouse police for possession of marijuana and intent to distribute, but here is the kicker; he also had two assault warrants out for him at the time! That’s right folks–this dumb m*therf*cker went to the courthouse knowing he had two active warrants for his arrest, and as if that wasn’t stupid enough, he brought his weed with him! Nice job Hefflin you’re a genius. You could have been siting back in the hood with $320 in your pocket after you sold 17 bags, and you still would have

had two bags left to blaze up with your boys, while you tell them about how you assaulted two people and never got caught. Instead, now you’re in county, with no money, no weed, and a lot of time to think about how unbelievably stupid you are. prma